Traffic Cones

Plastipro’s superior quality traffic cones are manufactured according to the most rigorous standards. They are highly visible and are considered the traffic cones with the best impact resistance on the market, especially in extreme cold temperatures. All of our cones are manufactured in 100% Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), an impact resistant Elastomer that withstands damage attemperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. Contrary to PVC cones, they will not stick together when stacked in hot temperatures, therefore facilitating handling, and as a one piece cone, they are impossible to tear apart, while TrafiCone_HWbeing easily recyclable.As a result, are the supplier of choice to numerous municipalities, government agencies, building contractors and security equipment retailers, throughout Canada and the USA.
Plastipro offers traffic cones in three (3) sizes, and they are available with or without reflective collars for increased night visibilitIn addition, we can customize cones according to specific requirements, by either printing your logo on the collar, or on the cone itself, by either hot-stamping or silk screening for permanent identification.