Green Mary

Discover our brand new Green Mary planter. This item allows you to add a touch of modern decoration while
The assembly and installation are very simple. The pots are removable and you can change their orientation: horizontal, vertical, diagonal. The configurations are endless; Green Mary can be hung on the wall or on an outdoor balcony railing. The frames can be attached together to create a wall garden.

This planter adds a contemporary touch to your living space. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Made from sturdy polypropylene, the planter is perfect for herbs or small plants. The material is resistant to cold and ultraviolet rays. A bag of absorbent is included with each set to keep the soil moist and to space out watering.

We offer a complete line of self-draining tiles, for numerous applications, either Perforated with ¼’’ or ½’’ holes, or with Solid tops, in both a 12’’ format, and an 18’’ format, as well as in different thickness and colors.
Plastipro tiles are perfect for creating a work environment that is clean, safe and functional.