Floor Tiles

Plastipro offers a new and ingenious way to cover and protect your floors. Our durable multipurpose Tiles are easy to set-up, incredibly simple to clean and so tough that they will last for years.

You do not need glue, staples, or any special tools to install them. Simply fit one into the other by inserting the interlocking mechanism using a rubber mallet. Tiles can be trimmed with an X-Acto or a bench saw.
They are made with 100% post-industrial recycled PVC 85 Duro (A) and they will resist oil, grease, petroleum and most household chemicals.

Their anti-slip and anti-fatique features, excellent wear & chemical resistance, as well as their UV protection, make them an ideal flooring solution for entrance matting, factory hallways, showrooms, garage floor and exercise rooms, both indoor and outdoor.

We offer a complete line of self-draining tiles, for numerous applications, either Perforated with ¼’’ or ½’’ holes, or with Solid tops, in both a 12’’ format, and an 18’’ format, as well as in different thickness and colors.
Plastipro tiles are perfect for creating a work environment that is clean, safe and functional.

UltraLock Tiles (18 x 18)

The UltraLock® tiles offers a new and ingenious way to cover and protect your floors. These durable multipurpose 18’’ x 18’’ tiles are easy to set-up and incredibly simple to clean. They are currently available in two (2) models, a Perforated and a Solid version.

The UltraLock® interlocking system was specifically designed to withstand tough mechanical environments and to handle heavy rolling loads.

The ¼ inch perforations incorporated in the Self Draining Tiles allow for air circulation and an easy-to-clean environment. For entrance matting applications, dirt and other particles are quickly removed with a vacuum cleaner. In Garage applications, water and melting snow flow freely to your floor drain.


The solid version with its contemporary look and outstanding anti-slip & anti-fatigue properties offers a perfect flooring solution for factory hallways, showrooms, yoga and exercise rooms.

The fact that ramps are not required due to the thin profile (7/16’’) of the tile as well as its revolutionary seamless interlocking system makes this product unique.

All of these tiles are made with 100% postindustrial recycled material. They are resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, most household chemicals, and because of their extreme wear resistance, they will last for years.




InterLocking Tiles (12 x 12)

Our original Interlocking Tiles are available in three (3) different models, an Industrial Tile with ½’’ perforations, a Commercial Tile with ¼’’ perforations, and a Solid Top shock-absorbent Tile.

These are all sturdy ¾’’ thick Tiles, but the Commercial Tile is also offered in a ½’’ thickness for door clearance. The perforated models and can be used around work stations, fire trucks, pool areas, pick-up floors. The Solid Tops, offer incomparable air-cushioned comfort and can be used in computer rooms and restaurant kitchens.

Finishing trims are also available.