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Discover all the features that make ProTred® tiles a must-have!

The ultimate: ProTred® Flex 18

Looking for a simple, great-looking, comfortable and durable solution to cover your floors? Our 18” x 18” black recycled flexible PVC tiles are a snap to install with their user-friendly interlocking system and are easy to cut with an X-Acto® knife.®. They’re specially designed to support heavy loads, such as vehicles or exercise equipment. Ideal for areas that require comfort and durability, including garages, workshops, basements, training rooms, workstations and showrooms.. These high-quality tiles provide maximum traction and comfort with their slip-resistant, easy-to-clean and anti-fatigue surface.

ProTred® Flex 18 tiles are the right choice for ultra-resistant floors with a professional look!


ProTred® Flex self-draining tiles are ideal in damp areas and rooms where water, oil and grease or other substances could be spilled. The perforations allow liquids to flow to a drain, ensuring good air circulation and preventing mould growth. The perforations also trap dirt and debris, which can then be easily removed with a vacuum, leaf blower, garden hose or pressure washer.

Each box contains 10 tiles.

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ProTred Flex 18 Self-draining floor tiles

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