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Robust and Durable Products for Home and Auto

Our new Essentials line

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Our new Essentials line is designed for your needs!

Leaders in innovation since 1989, we’re proud to launch our first-ever consumer line. Have you heard about our new Plastipro products? They’re durable and affordable and have a wide variety of applications! Which one will you choose?

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Stuck in snow, in mud or on ice? ProTrax can get you out of any jam! Sold in pairs, our compact foldable traction grids can be used on all types of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, ATVs and RVs.

Durable and ingenious

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Solid or self-draining ProTred® tiles can be installed in many locations, including garages, gyms, playrooms, patios and around swimming pools and spas. They’re also perfect for covering up faded or worn out floors that need a little freshening up.

tuiles de plancher protred
plateau de bottes spacieux


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Use every inch of your entryway, hallwayor closet to the fullest. As practical as they are great-looking, ProTray modular boot trays will help you save space and tame clutter.


Available in 7-foot sections, ProTrim paver edgings are suitable for any landscape design. Because they’re flexible, they perfectly hug straight sections and even the tightest curves.

The products line

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Plastipro’s strong environmental awareness is a source of pride and a must in today’s world. Indeed, all Plastipro products are 100% recyclable and most are made from recycled materials.


Discover our brand new Green Mary planter. This article allows you to add a touch of modern decoration. Assembly and installation are very simple.

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