Custom Molding

Experience & Precision

Plastipro’s clients benefit from over 25 years of experience in tight tolerance molding and top quality mold manufacturing. Whether your requirements are for small or very high production runs, from micro-injection to large components molding, our recognized expertise with both commodity and engineering resins, make us the ideal partner for your custom injection requirements. Our project management approach and our design capabilities set us apart from our competition.

Production Capacity

Our recently expanded 108, 000 sq. ft. facility is equipped with thirty (30) injection molding machines with tonnages ranging from 45 to 2450 tons. Our tool room is staffed with toolmakers benefitting from over 30 years of experience, both in Canada, Europe, and Asia, in the design, making and maintenance of single unit prototype tooling to complex hot runner multi-cavity tools. This allows us to manufacture small, high precision technical parts as well as large industrial components weighing as much as 7.5 Kg.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment is to always exceed client expectations by manufacturing a product in conformance to both their requirements and high standard of quality. Our QA procedures and traceability systems are specifically designed to ensure Reputability, Conformance & Continuous Improvement.

On-Time Delivery

The constant monitoring of orders on hand, combined with our large warehousing & production capacity, enables us to meet delivery deadlines for any size of orders, large or small.