Plastipro Canada Ltd has been manufacturing Skate Guards since 1989. We pride ourselves as a leader in this market, offering the highest quality products, innovative design and the largest selection of both models and colours.

Our High-end skate guards are manufactured in 100% Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) a thermoplastic offering outstanding performance and excellent memory in cold weather. These skate guard will never crack or deform, even at minus 40 degree Celsius. We also offer a complete line of Economic models manufactured in Copolymer High Impact Polyethylene. All hardware is chrome plated for corrosion resistance.

Individual pairs are packaged in a clear poly bag with a Header card. When required, assembly instructions and templates, to cut to size, are also included. On request, mixed colors are packaged in a carton.

Orders can be customized with your own header card, company name or logo.

Centipede 214

The Classic & most Popular model, with PVC straps. Can be used with Hockey and Figures skates. Available in ten(10)colors (Black, White, Red, yellow,Forest Green, Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, Purple, Silver, Ice Pink).



Figure-Econo 216

Economic Figure skating model. Available in six (6) solid colors (Black, White, Pink, Red, Electric Blue, Purple)


Figure-Pro 217

Professional Figure skating model witch clear PVC straps. Available in seven (7) translucent colors (Pink, Blue, Raspberry, Lime, Lemon, Peach, Grape).


Hockey 218

The new Hockey model with PVC straps. Available in nine (9) colors (Black, White, Red, Yellow, Forest Green, Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, Purple, Silver).


Two-Piece 225 ( 2 x Photos, Solid & Translucent)

The professional two-piece skate guard, with spring attachment and holographic stickers. For Figure skating, Hockey and Goalie skates. Available in eight (8) solid colors (Black, White, Red, Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, Silver, yellow, Forest Green, Purple) and nine (9) Translucent colors (Pink, Blue, Natural, Teal, Raspberry, Lime, Lemon, Peach, Grape).

Speed 208 (Custom orders only).

Model Descriptrion Application Qty/box Weigt/box Dim./box
214 Centipede Hockey & Figure  50prs 25 lbs 18in x 12in x 12in
216 Figure-Econo Figure 72 prs 20 lbs 18in x 12in x 12in
217 Figure-Pro Figure 72 prs 20 lbs 18in x 12in x 12in
218 Hockey  Hockey 60 prs 20 lbs 18in x 12in x 12in
225 Two-Piece Hockey/Goalie/Figure 50 prs 25 lbs 18in x 12in x 12in