Plastipro Canada and its employees have well over forty years of experience in custom molding of plastic Caps and plugs for the Cosmetic, Food and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a personalized service large enough to handle high volume orders, yet flexible in meeting individualized custom needs.snowshoes23


From 3D concept drawing, to rapid prototyping, to the making of single cavity prototype mold to high precision unscrewing &hot-runner production tools, we can assist you in all aspects of your packaging development, with on-site tool makers and designers.

ORIFICE REDUCERSPlastipro Canada Ltd. has been supplying the packaging industry with a comprehensive line of stock Orifice Reducers, which can also be customized to your specific requirements. 

 301 CORE PLUG Plastipro’s 3’’ Core plugs were specifically designed for heavy duty applications. Made from 100% recycled HDPE, they are considered one of the toughest models on the market.

Code OD Body  OD Lugs OD flange ID Bore Height Qty/box
301Plug 3,000’’  3,090  3,450’’  1,095’’  1,125’’ 750 pcs.




Caps1 IMG_0501   _MG_0908   Containers